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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The University of Notre Dame promotes a spirit of inclusion and diversity through academic inquiry, programs, and other opportunities that reflect a foundational belief in the dignity of all people.

Hesburgh Libraries’ Commitment

In solidarity with faculty, students, and staff across the campus community, the Hesburgh Libraries has developed a library-specific diversity plan in alignment with University vision and values. The plan is a living document — library initiatives and projects will evolve along with our library vision and the needs of our many campus users.

The spirit that governs the committee’s process is drawn from Together at Notre Dame: Notre Dame’s Principles of Diversity and Inclusion.

Elements of the flexible, multi-year plan will include change management, continuous learning and improvement, best practices, community outreach, and assessment.

Diversity Committee

In alignment with both library and University values, the Hesburgh Libraries has reimagined the ways that our Diversity Committee engages with library faculty and staff so that the organization becomes more active within the libraries day-to-day and across the campus community as a whole. The group includes representation from across all areas of the Libraries and procures ideas and feedback on a regular basis. Members lead initiatives throughout the year to increase awareness and understanding of diversity issues, inspire a culture of inclusivity, and foster a more compassionate, supportive professional community.

Committee Members:

  1. Lisa Baer, Instruction & Reference Services Assistant
  2. Helen Cawley, Reference and Instructional Services Assistant
  3. Tara Kenjockety, Undergraduate Community Engagement Librarian
  4. Leslie L. Morgan, Africana Studies & Education Librarian (Chair)
  5. Marcy Simons, Organizational Development Librarian
  6. Beata Trozzolo, IT Systems Analyst

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Librarian-in-Residence Program

The Hesburgh Libraries and the Kresge Law Library at the University of Notre Dame created the Librarian-in-Residence Program in 2000 as part of our shared commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive culture within the library profession. The residency offers early-career librarians who are part of a minority racial, ethnic, gender, religious, or other traditionally underrepresented group the opportunity for professional-level experience in academic librarianship.

The two-year appointment provides an overall immersion into the academic library setting as well as a chance to focus on individual areas of interest. In addition, professional development funding supports learning, networking, and career engagement at the national level. Ultimately, residents gain the new knowledge, skills, and proficiencies they need to succeed in the library profession.

Please check back to learn more about future Calls for Applications.

Workshops, Exhibits, and Educational Programs

The Diversity Committee sponsors learning opportunities for library faculty and staff throughout the year. Workshops, exhibits, and other programs are designed to appeal to a broad range of interests and levels of experience. They aim to raise awareness of historical, current, and emerging issues that affect marginalized groups. With shared experiences and awareness comes greater understanding and, ultimately, a more welcoming culture of inclusion.

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Alliance Partnership

Hesburgh Libraries is a proud member of the ACRL Diversity Alliance, a program which unites academic libraries committed to increasing the hiring pipeline of qualified and talented individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. By working together and thinking more broadly across all academic libraries, the ACRL Diversity Alliance institutions will help diversify and thereby enrich the profession. Learn more about the Diversity Alliance.

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